My name is Janne Parviainen from Pieksämäki. I was born 1984 and passion for fishing came through my father, followed by a hobby already started at only a few years of age. This hobby saved me from doing many bad things because fishing took all my time after school and weekends.

I got my own first boat at 1996 when I was 12 years old. I went casting and trolling with it. Of course the equipment at that time were much more different than nowdays. I remember the summer 1998 when I bought my first echo sonar and spend all my savings and earnings from the summer for that Humminbird  sonar.

Trolling was very popular style of fishing in the 90’s. I was also hooked on trolling and went to my first competition on year 1997. It was over night competition  and it was very windy and rainy night for my little boat. We managed to catch some fish and as a result I was 51/121. Not bad start especially for the equipment I had those days.

After that fishing has taken all my spare time. Trolling was closest to my heart till 2010. Then I started again casting and jigging. After that jigging and casting have taken the most time when I’m fishing. At the same time I worked as an automation engineer and travelled around the europe. Once I started to think that what will I do in the future because that wasn’t my type of work and I would like to do something that I’m good at.  The only thing that I’m good at is fishing and that’s why I joined to Fishing guide course and started to think more closely to my own business. in 2015 it finally happened and nowadays I make Tunkkionki lures and take customers to fishing in company that is partly owned by myself.