Jigging has grown massively its popularity, as it provides an excellent chance of catching fish. During our jigging trip, we go through different issues that you have to know if the fish is not active, like swimming techniques, color of jig, different wind directions etc. State of the art echo sonars are key factors in jigging especially when we are searching for them.

With jigging, light-weight equipment and thin fiberlines are used, making the bites feel particularly electric!  MinnKota electricmotor with GPS-function keeps us still while we are fishing.The target species are zander, perch and pike.


Microjigging is very similar than normal jigging but the used equipment is different and much more lighter. We use short and flexible rods with small reels. Very thin fiberline allows us to use microsize jigheads and jigs. This style is very effective if the big fish isn’t the only thing in your mind. Some days for example when the perch is passive the only way to catch them is with microjig. With microjg you are also able to catch species that don’t like normal size jigs. Bream, roach and other similar species are also in our target.

Vertical jigging

Vertical jigging is totally different style compared to normal jigging. In vertical jigging we are moving very slowly and jigging in vertical direction. From the echo sonar you are able to see when the fish comes near the jig and gets ready for the bite. That’s the moment when your heartbeat starts to rise.

Jig, rod and reel are also different  than in normal jigging. During the trip we go through different techniques for attract the fish to bite and for example different situations how weather changes affect to fishes. This style is very effective for passive zanders.

Casting for pike is good fun and you will most likely catch some fish! Especially in the spring there is possibility to catch very big pikes even near the coast line. In the shallow water, the bites are feel strong even the fish itself  wasn’t very big. Casting is a highly diverse form of fishing and it makes for an interesting and exciting fishing trip. You can choose to fish with a jerkbait, spoon, fly, spinnerbait or softbait. The target species are pike and perch.


Trolling is done with sideplaner boards. Planers are used to allow simultaneuous use up 10 rods without mixing them. Used lures are handmade Tunkkionki lures by the guide itself.
Depending on target fish depth we can also use downriggers and additional weights to get our lures to right depth.
When trolling, the fish are searched from a wider area and in several different layers of water. The target species are pike, zander and perch.
Boat is equipped with 2 downriggers and electronics that helps us to locate the fish.

Trolling is very effective and especially relaxing style of fishing.